I’m a Mainer: I was born and lived my first seventeen years in far northern Aroostook, The County. I earned my undergraduate degree in art from the University of Maine in Orono, then got a Masters in Social Work from New York University. I worked for five years as a psychotherapist and office director back in The County for Aroostook Mental Health Center. I built a house–with my own hands– weekends and vacations on mid-coast Deer Isle. I moved there to live full time in 1982. I opened a private practice in Blue Hill, a half hour from my Deer Isle home.

Island living in Maine is tough, particularly as a single. Ten years later, i followed my Maine native parents who relocated to Florida, I moved to Tallahassee and built a second private practice. Then I met my now-husband Drew on on the infant Match.com in 1998 and moved again, to Vicksburg, Mississippi, while he finished out his career in Vicksburg as a researcher with the Army Corps of Engineers. Using our successful experience in the emerging Internet dating market as a base, I re-branded myself as a Romance Coach and developed an online business helping singles find partners using Internet dating sites.

When Drew retired, we decided to make our southern base back in Tallahassee, thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Now we live the summer half of the year in that same house I built on Deer Isle (see below), surrounded there by the Gulf of Maine. We are teaching ourselves and each other how to write. Drew is also a stained glass craftsman, and I make hand dyed silk scarves.


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Atlanta Writing Workshop. Atlanta, GA. March 9, 2019

Blackfly Writer’s Retreat. Grand Lakes Stream, ME. May 2 – 5, 2019

I’m right in the middle…

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AWP Annual Conference and Book Fair, March 7–10, 2018, Tampa, Florida


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