Maybe you know me, but if you don’t, here’s some of my meandering path to becoming a writer.

During my career as a psychotherapist and later a romance coach, I’d been told many times that I should write. I used to reply I didn’t have anything to say, which sounded pretty funny to anyone who knew me. I clearly had plenty to say in “Find a Sweetheart Soon!” the self-help book I wrote for singles. I still get a check every three months or so from Amazon, but it is good I don’t depend on the proceeds to eat. The money could however finance the best diet I have ever been on.

Then a few years ago, my husband Drew and I started doing writing exercises. About a third of the results morphed into respectable short stories. A few of those stories have been published in online literary journals. You can read them by following the links on the Writing tab.

My first novel emerged from one of those exercises. As Good As Gone is the story of Artie and Carmen, a couple in their forties. Artie and Carmen built a home and farm in frigid northern Maine. Their two kids launched, the two are stuck but don’t know it. Artie’s boss asks him to drive his gold plated RV to Florida over Christmas. The trip and their resulting disasters and misadventures rattle and shake Artie and Carmen, giving them the unexpected opportunity to do a mid-life course correction, perhaps completely changing the direction of their lives.

Inner States, novel #2, came  out of As Good As Gone. A minor character- Myrna Sweeney, a larger-than-life lesbian truck driver- was too good to forget. She now stars in her own story, and what a story it is! Myrna’s busy looking for an agent and publisher. Sign up for my email list below and you’ll be able to follow Myrna’s trip out into the world.